Tuesday, 13 March 2012

SmartSell - Web Based B2B Application

With the growing age of technology, it is required to have an intellectual system that can organize, maintain, and manage all business transactions. This kind of a system is certainly a blessing for the business world as it helps to diminish the efforts of the team which can be utilized for strategic decisions. E-Procurement is one such introduction in the techno-world that has radically changed the working methodologies and processes of businesses across the globe with improved productivity and maximized revenues.

E procurement technologies are in the spotlight at the moment. The demand is at its zenith and it is required in almost every field of business and commerce. E-Procurement has become an imperative tool for any organizations to accomplish brilliance in their deliveries. Adding to the advantages offered by e procurement, technology introduces an effective and beneficial tool termed as ‘SmartSell’.

In general, SmartSell is a web based B2B application. It is generally for the mechanization of sales and distribution of finished goods, products and services. The main function is to traverse venture for sellers and buyers. It provides online information and accomplishes the process flow from catalogue display - ordering - release - expense. The system also helps organize the complete business transaction process and communication by electronic means.

The feature SmartSell also incorporates the standard and make it centralized distributed. This distribution work flow helps enhance the effectiveness of sales and distribution management process. The system has a flexibility to customize to the requirements of the implementing organizations.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Improve transaction performance
  • Study and analyze supplier ranking system
  • Provide quality services at competitive prices
  • Define supplier performance
  • Detect potential risk in the transaction process
  • Increase transparency and credibility of procurement management process

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