Tuesday, 13 March 2012

eCatalogue – Access Catalogue at a Click of a Button

eCatalogue is an online search and product procurement solution which will revolutionize the traditional method of trading. Gone are the days when buyers would refer various broachers or directories to find the related suppliers and communicate manually for enquiries. This needs lots of efforts and expertise to get the right vendor.

eCatalogue is a b2b solution which serves as an online communication link between the buyers and vendors, bringing them what they need quickly and efficiently. The major roles of eCatalogue include:

  • Validating the registered buyers and sellers.
  • Providing catalogues of the products.
  • Searching the qualified vendors for the enquiries and communicate to customers.
  • Online Payment gateway.
  • Rating of all suppliers and purchases.
  • Maintaining history of all transactions.

Key Features of eCatalogue:

The key features of eCatalogue for the suppliers are supplier registrations, products/ services registrations, catalogue & product information, communication with interested buyers and supplier ratings for trades.

If you are a buyer, the following features of eCatalogue will be of interest to you: product categorizations, centralized vendor contacts, post-buy requests, floating enquiries (RFQ), catalog comparisons, online order placement and payment, shipment tracking, communication management and maintenance of trading history.

How eCatalogue Works?

Business on eCatalogue is done in a very reliable and transparent manner. Once a vendor registers on eCatalogue, an evaluation for authenticity is carried out. After this primary evaluation, access for creating a product catalogue is provided. In case a buyer is interested in buying a particular product, the buyer can browse through and compare the catalogues of various vendors. They can then communicate with the qualified vendors and raise enquiries for quotes (RFQs) or order samples online. Once convinced, the buyer can place orders through the portal. There is also a provision to track shipments and rate a supplier on the basis of product quality and promptness of delivery, ensuring complete trading satisfaction.  

Benefits of eCatalogue for Suppliers and Buyers:

eCatalogue has innumerable benefits for the suppliers. For instance, suppliers can update their online catalogues with great ease; they can target a wider base of buyers who now have access to their catalogues at the click of a button; they can receive electronic orders and enquiries; they can send quotes to buyers online and even receive payments through the portal.

On the other hand, eCatalogue has much to offer for the buyers as well. The buyers can reach qualified and trusted vendors without any manual empanelment efforts. The detailed and accurate online catalogues increase the efficiency of trade and reduce the error rate of mismatches between the invoice and the purchase order. 

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