Tuesday, 13 March 2012

eTendering – A New Mantra to Improve Business Transparency

The eTendering system is a dynamic web based application designed to provide an effective online solution for filing and bidding for tenders. It automates the traditional tendering system with 100% compliance to legal & regulatory acts.

With our eTendering solution, we intend to revolutionize the traditional paper-based tendering system which is very tedious and time-consuming. Along with being faster than the old tendering method, online tenders are also extremely convenient, both for the buyer and the bidder.

The key feature of this eTendering application is that allows organizations to share the RFQs(Request For Quotes) online. Along with that, organizations can also submit the multiple required supporting documents through this application. In this manner, a secure platform for tender review and awarding is assured through eTendering system.

Why to choose eTendering System

There are innumerable plus points of the eTendering system in terms of effort, cost, quality, compliance and security. This application is beneficial for all levels of organizations be it PSU, Private Sector or MSME. Here are some key reasons why you should choose this system:

  • First of all, e Tendering is completely transparent. There is a lot of corruption in the high tiers of the business world today, due to which tenders are dispersed to selected suppliers without even calling for bids in a fair manner. With our eTendering system, there is an increase in transparency of the bidding process.
  • Secondly, the bidding and procurement of products speeds up considerably with this application. This is mainly because there is no tedious paper work involved. Besides this, the tenders are available online 24/7, thereby allowing the interested parties to make their bids at any time of the day or night.
  • Thirdly, the eTendering system is built in an optimized environment for the users to operate even from minimum configuration IT infrastructure. To add to the ease, bidders can view and make their bids for orders without roaming around offices. They can do so at the convenience of their homes at the click of a fingertip. This easy accessibility of tenders at any given time or place allows for a mass reach.
  • Lastly and most importantly, the e Tendering system is very secure as the system itself performs validation of the buyer as well as the bidder. All online payments and transactions are also tracked by the monitoring system. This provides assurance that this online system has no fraud tenders posted on it.

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